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Bolton has an active boy scout troop. This is a boy led troop, which means the boys have a big hand in deciding what they do and how it gets done. The troop is overseen by a committee of parents, and our super nice and respected Scoutmaster, Paul Casco. 

There are planned camping activities once a month during the school year. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to join in, but you will be asked to sit and watch while the boys do the work.

During the summers, there's a regional boy scout camp (Wanocksett), and week long high adventure opportunities. The high adventure options include hiking in New Mexico (Philmont), canoeing in BWCA/Quetico (Northern Tier), and sailing/snorkeling in Florida (Seabase.) We tend to do one a su
mmer based on interest. Last summer we went on a 7 day trip on the Allagash Waterway in Maine. 

We have a good record of advancing boys through the boy scout ranks, and several Eagle Scouts advance each year. 

Merit badges give boys a chance to experience different aspects of the world that might help them get a feel for what they want to do later in life.

In the end, the boys report that the main draw seems to be camping, and hanging out with their friends.