Website Access

Public access to the website is limited to a few informational pages.  Access control to the remainder of the site is via a Google account (mostly bottles and cans.)
Pictures and event sign ups are hosted in a Google Community, but you pretty much need a google account for that too.

If you want access, please follow the procedure outlined below. 

1) If you have a working gmail ID, try skipping to step 5
  • If you already have a gmail address, and have given it as contact info to the troop, you may be able to skip to step 5.
  • Sorry, but student Google accounts created for use at school do not seem to work for this.
2) Create Google Account
  • If you do not already have a Google account, create one HERE.  
  • You will get a verification e-mail with a link to complete the creation of the account.  
  • Clicking the link will open a webpage looking for additional information.  You can either supply the information or just close the window.
3) Request Site Access
  • Send an e-mail to the Webmaster that includes your google account sign-in email address, name, street address, phone number and the name of the current senior patrol leader.  This information is used to verify that you should be allowed access to the website.  
  • Or alternatively, give your gmail address to the scoutmaster or web master at a troop meeting.
  • Or send your gmail user id using an email address in the troop 1 google groups email distribution list.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail from google groups for membership to the groups.
4)   Set a useable display name.
  • Please change your display name in google groups. It makes it easier for the webmaster to maintain the list, and for inter troop collaboration.
  • Go to GOOGLE, if not signed in select the sign in button on the upper right corner.
  • The following just allows you to set a nickname so we can associate your gibberish email address with a recognizable name. (But it's not required. You can skip to step 5.)
    • Go to the google groups website members page.  Find your e-mail address and click the change option next to it. Change your display name to your first and last name and hit save.
    • Do the same for the mail list members page if your gmail ID also appears there.
5) Now, login here.  
  • Verify that you have access to the members only area.
  • You should now see links below the "Members Only" heading in the navigation panel on the left.  
  • If they are not there, wait a couple of days and try again as it might take a day or two to take effect.  
If you have any problems, please contact the Webmaster.
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